Kalchaino – Seeking wisdom for the journey


In ancient times, divers plumbed the sea in search of a rare shellfish sought after for its rich purple dye. ‘Diving for the purple fish’ – Kalchaino – became the Greek expression for plumbing the depths of one’s own wisdom.

There is an art to listening to one’s own inner truth and a skill in recognising one’s own true voice: the art of discernment. When developing and honing this art, throughout our lives, we are helped by companions on the way, the wisdom of others, and a sense of community around us. Kalchaino is just such a place – a space for community, learning and companionable support.

Young adulthood is a time for making important decisions about study, work, friendships and vocation. But the clamour of expectation can drown the voice of our own truth. How do we learn to listen and know ourselves more deeply, and so engage with what lies before us from a more aware and integrated place? Kalchaino offers a space for exploring this. Kalchaino is a group for young adults who want to dive deeper.