Self Understanding, Self Growth (part one)


Perhaps the most significant journey, for all humans to make, is the journey into self awareness, the journey of growth towards inner freedom and wholeness.

There are many metaphors and descriptors for this journey; darkness to light, sleeping to waking, unawareness to enlightenment. Many images help us too, such as images of climbing mountains or reaching tree tops, images of paths, roads, bridges, tunnels and staircases.


There are also many, many tools for assisting us on this journey of personal growth.
An ancient, tried and tested tool is The Enneagram.
Today’s gathering was a workshop about The Enneagram.
Participants were introduced to the tool and its usefulness and given the opportunity to consider how it might be applied to them and assist them in their understanding of themselves and their way of being in the world.

By way of introduction, leaders shared how The Enneagram had been significant in their lives. Anecdotes expressed how it enabled them to see their motivations and actions more clearly and name the falsities and truth of themselves. It freed them to operate differently and more honestly. It explained them to themselves and gave a sense of there being others who also thought and felt as they did and experienced life from their particular perspective. It showed that there were multiple ways of being whole and well in the world – not just one right way, and thus there were multiple ways of choosing helpful or unhelpful actions. It also showed that the same actions can come from very different motivations and likewise the same actions might be healthy or unhealthy for different personality types. It enabled greater self understanding as well as more genuine understanding and compassion towards others. 

The Enneagram is a rich tool that bears much more in-depth exploration, if you are interested in truly understanding yourself and giving yourself a deeper perspective on your way of being in the world.
It is a tool that enables you to gain insight into ways you can grow into a healthy, whole human, living from a place of inner freedom and open-hearted spaciousness.

Attached are the summative notes that were used at the workshop, including the link to a website with detailed information for further exploration. 

Kalchaino – Enneagram Notes



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