Self Understanding, Self Growth (part two)

Today’s session followed on from our previous gathering, where we explored self understanding through the use of the personality tool – The Enneagram. This tool invites an insightful understanding of self and our way of being in the world. It is very in-depth and has many layers to explore. In this session we explored the triads of The Enneagram .


The Enneagram is divided into three groups of three, called the triads. Each triad has a primary intelligence; a primary space from which we operate, from which we make sense of the world and from which we react and make decisions. Within each triad are three of the nine Enneagram types. 


The triads reveal the principal ways we perceive the world. Recognising our triad gives us a deeper understanding of how we usually operate in the world, what we could do less of, and what we could do more of. The other two triads show us where our blindspots or weaknesses may be. Understanding all three is a helpful way of expanding our self-awareness and understanding of others.

IMG_2144 (1)


Participants began by using a body outline to note their own observations. They were invited to mark head, heart and gut centres and note when they were aware of operating from these spaces, when they were aware of  their everyday reactions as thoughts (head), feelings (heart), or senses (gut)…

We discussed instances of decision making and how we approached the process of making decisions we know are right for us. Participants tried to identify the involvement of their head, heart and gut in the process.



Whilst we may be able to communicate better with people in our own triad, relationships with people from other triads can help bring elements of our personality into balance. One of the Enneagram’s goals is to teach us to observe and harmonise all three centres within us.

When our head, heart and gut centres are aligned, we will feel more whole, centered and balanced. It will be easier to function fully and creatively in our daily life.

The Enneagram’s emphasis on growth invites us towards true, deep integration where we can comfortably access the intelligence of all triads and visit the spaces of each of the nine types with ease. This enables us to always see fresh perspectives, make sense of the world more fully, relate more wholly and feel more at ease in any situation.

Further notes from the session are attached, including a list of resources for further personal research. These notes are only a brief overview of a detailed subject.

Kalchaino – Enneagram – head, heart, gut

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