Our History with Yes and No

Life shaping

The bridge from adolescence to adulthood can be a time of uncertainty and change. Many significant decisions are often made at this time. There are many crossroads to face and pathways to choose between. 

We began reflecting on this by considering our history with yes and no: that is, when have we said yes and no in the past, to both big and small decisions. We say yes or no often in a day in small ways and often in our lives in big ways. How do we choose between yes and no? What prompts us to go in either direction?  

Though decisions are, in some ways, on a continuum from daily decisions to life-changing decisions, it is important to recognise that all decisions are life shaping…
Our yes and no responses shape our lives – and our goal is to shape our lives well. 

We considered the influences on our decision making:
(adapted from Nepo, 2012)

Ourselves – our likes and dislikes, opinions, dreams, feelings and circumstances…
Family & Friends – their support, pressures, expectations, ideas…
The World – peer pressure, the media, needs and demands, norms & expectations…
Eternity –  sense of a higher power, bigger pictures, something beyond ourselves…

Shared Story

Our story on this day was called ‘The Faraway Seed’ (by Anna Boucaut). It tells the story of a new seed landing in an established forest and how it had to grow against the odds. It had to learn to bloom where it was planted. We considered this message’s meaning in our own lives.


IMG_0628Creative Response – collage
We used collage as a way of exploring what mattered to us. The task was to flick through magazines and newspapers, pulling out what grabbed our attention – words or pictures – and create a collage of these. In small groups we talked about what these collages showed about us and how they could inform our thinking. 



The words of poets can give us new insights and perspectives.
We shared the following poems:

‘The Invitation’ by Mary Oliver
‘The Soul’s Source’ by Valerie Bridgeman Davis

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