Creative Responses

At our gatherings, there is always time for a creative response to the discussion, stories and poetry. Sometimes these are artworks, sometimes personal responses in journals, and sometimes poetry. This post is the place to share any offerings from the participants. 


This poem was written in response to a whimsical cartoon of a bird character assuring its friend that it was much more secure inside the cage than out of it. 

The Box
By Ben Bradley

‘The world is a scary place, or so they say,
so to stop the threats, I’ll live my own way.
A grey box, moderate and unimposing.
A little home of my own composing.’

‘There are sharks out there! Why? Don’t you know?
There are spiders and snake and monsters in snow.
On the box in the box, the world I can see.
I have my safety now, they cannot get to me.’

‘I can be who I am, I am liberated, understand.
Not him, not her, nay they can’t interfere with my land.
In my life I am king, in my box is my law.
Can’t you see my friend, I am safe on my floor.’

‘Can’t you see my friend, this is no life to live.
In this box there is nothing to take or to give.
Life is too sweet to not go out and do.
You hurt those you love and most of all you hurt you.’

‘Ideas are quite scary, and change can be hard.
But it’s worth each mistake, not to be locked and barred.
Step out that door – you can be happy and glad.
I’ll introduce you to Yeti, he isn’t so bad!’


This poem was written in response to our theme ‘The Contemplative Way’ when we considered our different ways of being in the world and how we learn to live with our particular ways of operating. 

The Operation
By Ben Bradley

Doctor (bold) / Patient

‘You can enter!’ the doctor bellowed,
A young man came teetering in.
‘What appears to be your trouble?’
‘Honestly I don’t know where to begin!’

‘It started last Wednesday, or was it Sunday?
Maybe it’s been my entire life.
I haven’t shared this with others.
I’m in a state of persistent internal strife.’

‘That seems troublesome,’ the doctor exclaimed.
I have a great therapist friend you can see.’
‘No no no, I intended to see you doc.
I got a great idea from Web MD.’

The doctor sighed in utter disbelief,
‘What do you wish to learn from me?’
‘I saw online this great new thing,
‘it was called “Open-heart surgery.”

‘I cannot talk openly with others,
I don’t think I am very well.
If this operation could fix up my heart.
‘That would be gosh darn swell!’

The doc began to roll his eyes,
But stopped and began a thought.
Years ago, he was similar,
To what this man had brought.

‘Look son, I like the idea.
But this surgery I will not give.
It is meant to save people who are dying.
But you have only just started to live.’

‘Here is the number of my therapist friend,
And here is some advice I will share.
First, don’t trust doctors online.
And chat with some of your friends who care.’

‘Believe in yourself, believe in others.
Be who you want to be.
And seriously, I cannot stress to you enough.
Do not trust Web MD.’

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